How One Woman Gets Paid to Be a Professional Bridesmaid

Anyone with more than a couple close friends knows that being a bridesmaid can get downright expensive. But what if we told you that you could actually be paid to be a bride's right-hand gal? Apparently it's true, according to a new article on

Jen Glantz penned a first-person essay for detailing how she founded her business called Bridesmaid for Hire—which, yes, is exactly what it sounds like. Glantz explains just a few of the duties she gets paid to do: "I had maids of honor asking if I could do the dirty work for them so they wouldn't have to figure out where to go clubbing for the bachelorette party, what kinds of games to play during the bridal shower, or what to write for the wedding speech they would soon have to give," she told 

She also gets hired by women who may not have many close friends, or simply brides who need an extra person to match the number of groomsmen. But then there's the grunt work, like lending the bra off her back to a mother-of-the-bride who forgot hers, picking up animal droppings at an outdoor wedding, and more. Sounds crazy, right? 

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Opening Image: Cambria Grace Photography