The Sandal Faux Pas You Might Be Making at the Office

While we can shed layers of clothing and opt for higher hemlines once temperatures reach new highs, when it comes to shoes, our options are a bit limited. The obvious choice is sandals, and if your workplace leans toward the casual side, chances are that you'll be wearing them to work a lot this summer.

However, backless shoes can mean that you (and your co-workers) will have to hear that annoying slapping sound as you make your way from the coffee machine to your desk. Glamour recently discussed this common conundrum and had some sound advice (pun intended).

"Avoid the sound of a slide at work by choosing a slip-on sandal with a thicker band and more foot coverage, and avoid styles that just have a single strap at the toes—those are the noisiest culprits. With more 'shoe,' you get less amplification," says the article, which covers other summer wardrobe tips for the office.

Check out our picks for office-worthy sandals to beat the heat and avoid a faux pas in this summer.