The Secret to Finding a T-Shirt That Doesn't Get Baggy

Finding the perfect T-shirt is a fashion feat, so when it loses its original shape, disappointment ensues. Nothing is worse than a stretched-out tee that wasn't meant to be oversized to begin with. You can fold them neatly to help retain the shape and wash with other non-embellished clothing items to help them last longer, but the truth is, wear and tear are normal, and sometimes, there's just no going back for the wardrobe staple. 

So how can you prevent your T-shirts from getting baggy? While we have our fair share of favorite T-shirt brands to shop from, the truth is, it's all about the fabric according to InStyle"The secret formula for a soft but form-fitting T? 95% cotton, 5% Lycra spandex," the magazine advises regarding the fabric makeup. That small bit of stretch will give your T-shirt an excellent fit that's still comfortable and will bounce back to its original silhouette. So next time you stock up on your closet basics, keep this helpful tidbit in mind.

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