Knee Socks

When was the last time you paid attention to socks? Were you reading Dr. Seuss (Fox In Socks)? Talking about presidential pets (Socks, the Clintons' cat)? Or perhaps singing a little Tenacious D (Rock Your Socks)? Needless to say, it's possible-downright probable-that you have neglected this lovely sub-section of your hosiery collection for far too long. We understand, we empathize, and we're here to shine some light on this very of-the-moment look.

One of the most buzzed about sights on the fall runway was the delicious array of knee-high socks, particularly at Prada. They came in lots of flavors-footless, footed, solid, colorblocked-and were particularly yummy when shown with high, open-toe, satin heels. The socks aren't wildly pricey (in the grand scheme of things) ranging from $95 for a pair of wool ones to $135 for silk socks, certainly less than the equally desired Prada turban from Spring 07. Sadly though, they're quite dear in terms of availability, so if you find a pair, snap them up.

Prada's hot socks aren't required for the knee-high look, as the above Foxes show. We like the simplicity of Peaches Geldof's solid socks with her Hunter Boots Wellies ($98). Our beloved first Model of the Moment, Agyness Deyn, wears her knee socks in her typically fashion-forward way, with silver lace-ups and a classic little black dress. Linsday Lohan let her charcoal gray pair peep out of her boots and Rihanna went for toeless, above-the-knee socks on a recent night out in Manhattan.

We'd be fools not to acknowledge that the average person probably isn't going to be willing to pay the sums required for the perfect Prada pairs, so we also found some other options-our socks populi, if you will. American Apparel has a selection of six colors for their Over-The-Knee Socks ($10) and J.Crew also have Solid Knee-Highs ($12.50 each or 2 for $20) in three shades. If solids aren't your thing, check out the Over The Knee Socks ($12) at Urban Oufitters, they have a slight stripe that just might be right.

Photo of Lindsay, X17. Photo of Agyness and Rihanna, Splash News.