How One Brand Is Winning the War Against Photoshopped Images

It's rare that a quick scroll through a brand's Instagram campaign will make you as happy as American Eagle's #AerieReal movement, which launched two years ago and has resulted in a 20% growth in sales since 2015.

The campaign takes an all-new approach to campaign images, which are normally heavily manipulated to fit industry standards. The latest Instagram campaign shows a variety of body types sans Photoshop, resulting in happier, more realistic (and let's face it, more fun) images of women in the brand's lingerie and swimwear. 

The brand told Huffington Post, "…we felt like girls today are just more independent and stronger than ever. We just knew that it would really resonate with this generation."

Take a look at a few of the campaign images below. 

Photo: Instagram / @aerie
Photo: Instagram / @aerie
Photo: Instagram / @aerie

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Opening Image: @aerie