You Should Be Cleaning Your Engagement Ring a Lot More Than You Think

Forget what you've heard: According to Glamour's team of experts, you can't over-clean your engagement ring. In fact, the only way to keep your prized possession sparkly at all times, they say, is by cleaning it once every two weeks. Explaining further, Majesty Diamonds founder Ryan Elbaz told the magazine that the more household chores and outdoor sports you do, "the more often you should clean your ring." So really, twice a month is the absolute minimum.

To wash your ring, place it in a bowl of warm water and dish soap for 15 minutes. After all the dirt, lotion, and other debris are loose, rinse it from all angles under a steady stream of warm water, and buff out any stubborn spots with a soft-bristled toothbrush. When drying, though, avoid paper towels, which might scratch the metal. Instead, use a soft cotton cloth followed by a 15-minute air-dry.

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