How Much Should You Really Spend On Your Wedding Dress?

Another engagement season has come and gone (that time of year between Christmas and Valentine's Day is prime engagement period), which means there's a whole new batch of brides-to-be on the hunt for their perfect wedding dress. With so many things to consider, like your wedding day style, bridesmaid dresses, and even what to wear to your engagement party, the thought of the dress shopping can be overwhelming. And all the numbers and dollars start to add up. (Trust me, I'm in that world of planning right now.)

One question that we're always asked at Who What Wear Australia, is how much you should be spending on your wedding dress. It's such a tough question to answer, as everyone's budget is different. We reached out to bridal stylist Sadaf Razi for her expert advice.

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"Women have different needs, budgets, and all come in different shapes and sizes. Of course there are bridal designers such as Vera Wang, Pallas Couture, and Elie Saab with incredible gowns that can be priced from around the $16,000 (and higher) mark. However, I would say stick to YOUR own personal budget. 

When you start planning your wedding, it’s commonplace to set up an overall budget. With this number in mind, you can allocate an amount for your dress. Don’t be too caught up in certain designers, rather find the dress that suits you. A bride can look equally as glamourous and beautiful in a lower-priced dress, and there are so many designers now with more affordable, and just as beautifully-crafted gowns. 

Choose a dress that speaks to you and truly represents you as a person, rather than representing the highest value or a preconceived idea of what you thought you wanted to wear." 

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