How Much Editors Really Spend on Clothes

It's a fashion editor's job to know the ins and outs of online shopping—the coolest up-and-coming brands, the best places to budget-shop, and, of course, where to scoop up the next big trend. But while we're busy curating the latest and greatest pieces for our next big story, you may wonder what our personal shopping habits are like. 

Well, the time has arrived to spill a little bit about what we do (and don't) spend money on. We put our editors to the test, and asked them to share how much they're shelling out every month on average on their wardrobes. Then we went a step further and broke things down, figuring out the average price we spend on some of our most crucial wardrobe pieces. Lastly, we picked out a few of our favorite looks at a similar price point, so you can shop like an editor too! 

Curious to see what we're spending? Read on to find out; the answers may surprise you!  

Since an important part of our editors' day-to-day job is online shopping (tough, right?), we wanted to know how much our editors spend on clothing themselves. Keep in mind that our monthly spending habits aren't hard and fast. In fact, many on the team noted that they tend to shop seasonally, and that there can be a huge range in how much they actually spend. Still, when you average everything out, it came to about $250 per month. Read on to see exactly how that number breaks down.

When it comes to stocking up on basics, we're all about T-shirts that are great quality without bordering on crazy expensive. The ideal T-shirt price? That would be $40.

Never say no to well-priced, well-made basics. 

A cute tee you can take on vacay or wear at home.

While some of us prefer to wear leggings on a coffee run and others swear by SoulCycle, we're in agreement that our ideal price for leggings is right around $78. 

You'll feel ready to go the extra mile in these sleek leggings.

Whether we're running errands or embarking on a real jog outdoors, we love wearing these leggings.

Sneakers are a must-have for all of our editors, and while we each have a brand or style we favor, we all tend to spend around $110 for a cool pair of kicks.

Every fashion girl has a pair of these cool sneakers in her closet.

Sometimes simple is best, as is the case with these sleek sneakers.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a tricky and very personal journey. Some of us stick to skinny jeans, while others are all about kick flares for fall. But, when polled, we all spent around $163 on a pair of jeans. 

A classic pair of boyfriend jeans never goes out of style.

Our editors are major fans of this season's cool cropped flares.

When it comes to the piece worth splurging on, we agreed unanimously that a great handbag is worth it. Editors noted that a well-made bag can dress up even the most basic outfit, and since we use them every day, they're worth saving for. 

Add a little extra polish to any outfit with a refined bucket bag.

A sleek, cool shoulder bag is a wardrobe must.

Curious to learn more about what we're shopping? Here are the jeans our editors love for fall

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