How Miami Became the Next Terrain of Fashion's Elite

Some might say the fashion industry is like your teenage self—eternally unsatisfied as it dreams (and seeks out) greener pastures. Others might call it prone to innovation: pushing limits and breaking new ground. The truth lies somewhere in between, and nowhere has this been clearer over the last few years than in its speedier need to corner new markets and crown them (with a better-dressed cast) its own.

The most obvious example is Los Angeles, where fashion’s crème-de-la-crème have migrated in droves from cities like New York and Paris, citing reasons like a freer spirit and more room to think (literally). But it’s been happening on a micro level, too, in cities like Austin, San Francisco, and Miami. The latter, however, seems primed to take L.A.’s spot, as fashion places an even greater stake in Art Basel and its counterparts, and the industry’s most elite players flock to the area’s burgeoning luxury hotels and retail opportunities.

Shop the brands drawing fashion crowds to Miami:

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