The #1 Trick to Try When It's Killer Cold Out

Gearing up for winter is tricky, not to mention expensive. Coats rank among the priciest items out there, and while the investment is worth it (spend one day out in the cold, and you'll agree), there are days when one coat alone just won't cut it. Which is why we've come to appreciate the art of layering. Pairing coats together, or styling with a jacket or blazer, is not only a great way to fight the cold, but it also looks pretty good.

To help inspire you to give the layered look a try, we rounded up some of our favorite street style takes on the ensemble. From sporty combinations to playful prints, these outfits will offer some major coat-layering inspiration. Now you'll be ready to go out and battle the cold without sacrificing a single ounce of style.

Read on for our favorite ways to layer coats!