A Fashion Girl's Trick to Choosing the Right Jewelry

Fashion is an art form influenced by countless heritages, so it makes sense that for many of us, our cultural backgrounds play a role in how we get dressed. Take, for example, Pam Hetlinger, a Panamanian fashion blogger who moved to the U.S. (San Francisco, to be more specific) five years ago. Hetlinger, who was working in marketing at the time of her blog’s launch, ultimately decided on the title The Girl From Panama as an homage to her roots. “Being from Panama plays a huge part in the way I style myself,” Hetlinger tells us. “This is a very Latin American way of dressing, and Im not sure I would have the confidence or know-how to pull it off had I grown up elsewhere.”

Hetlinger also lived in London and Boston before settling in West Hollywood and she attributes her globe-trotting ways to help set her style apart, though adding that Panama remains her biggest sartorial cornerstone. One easy way to add a touch of Panamanian style to your look? Jewelry. “The weather in Panama is always almost 100 degrees, and the style is a bit more casual, so I try to dress relaxed and for the weather while still maintaining a chic, sophisticated vibe through the jewelry I wear.”

Keep reading to see how Hetlinger infuses her Panamanian style into three different looks through jewelry from BaubleBar.

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