Your Purse Should Never Weigh More Than THIS

It's no surprise that most women's handbags are just too darn heavy. Between essentials like a wallet and keys and other daily necessities like a makeup bag and a work laptop, many of us just shrug it off and deal with the heavy lifting. But it's time to think twice about how much you're carrying because it could be causing tension headaches and poor posture.

According to a recent article on She Finds, "Your purse should never be more than 10% of your weight—and that's being super generous!" The article also states that an average bag should weigh around 2.2 lbs, which is basically half of what a 15" Macbook Pro weighs. As for the downside of an overstuffed bag, Dr. Emily Kiberd, founder of Urban Wellness Clinic, says, "The tendency to carry everything on one shoulder creates asymmetry and tension within the body. Women frequently roll their shoulders forward when they hold a bag this way, which can change breathing and create tightness in the chest." This weight can end up causing headaches and overall pain. So think twice next time you want to tote along an extra pair of shoes or buy a bag with heavy hardware—all that weight can quickly add up.

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Opening Image: Free People