How Google's New Photos App Is Going to Change Fashion Week

Picture this: You’re front row at a fashion show when the most amazing look, worn by your favorite model, comes down the runway. What do you do? Grab your phone, of course, hoping to capture the moment in real time and post it to Instagram or Snapchat. But, just your luck, the bubble of doom that reads “Not Enough Storage” pops up on your screen, and by the time you’ve scrambled to delete a few apps or photos to free up space, the look has come and gone. In fact, given how much time it can take to appease a stuffed-full smartphone, the show itself might be over.

Lucky for us, it appears that Google’s new Photos app might finally solve this irritating issue. By downloading the new software, you’ll be able to store every photo you’ve ever taken on your phone and then search through them swiftly with keywords of your choosing. This means that—post–fashion week—it will now be easier to quickly locate your street style snaps, images from a specific show, or photos of friends at an after-party, rather than having to scroll through them all. You can also share hundreds of photos with friends or colleagues by simply sending them an autogenerated link.

And to be clear, you can take photos within the app, too, applying filters and altering them in all the ways you’ve grown accustomed to. But the best part? The software allows you to quickly transform your images into GIFs, collages, digital photo albums, movies, and more. In an industry that’s oversaturated with imagery, especially during fashion week, your content is much more likely to stand out if it's produced in such diverse ways. Consider us very on board.

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What do you think of these changes? Will you download the app? Sound off in the comments!