Why the "+1 Rule" Made Me a Better Dresser

Most days, my outfit involves at least one of the following three things: sneakers, jeans, and a T-shirt. Yes, my style is easygoing, but here's a hot tip. It doesn't have to look that way. I've come to rely on a little something I'll call the +1 rule, which has managed to make simple dressing seem anything but. The premise is simple. Choose your standard ensemble, and then before you head out the door, add on or swap in one statement piece.

Replace basic shoes with metallic heels or throw on a colorful jacket to make an essentially effortless ensemble seem a bit more purposeful. While luxe add-ons are welcome, the standout pieces don't have to be designer to make your outfit feel fancy. Lower-priced trend-forward picks are an easy way to upgrade your simple look.

Inspired to give it a try? See a few examples of the +1 rule below and then shop items to help you give it all a spin.

The +1 Rule

Feeling like your outfit is a little too simple? Add one standout piece to your basic ensemble and you're good to go.