Want to Dress Better? Do This Every Morning

You've tried hitting the snooze button a few less times; it didn't work. Don't worry—we've been there too. Making it out the door in the morning without feeling like you've been hit by a speeding Uber is a challenge, but with a few tricks up your sleeve, you can feel confident that even if you're still sleepy, your outfit is a winner

To help start your mornings off on the right foot, we tapped celebrity stylist Lindsey Dupuis for advice. With experience dressing major stars like Sharon Stone and Brittany Snow, Dupuis knows exactly what works. Her four quick tricks take the hassle out of getting dressed, so you can head out the door feeling confident, even if you haven't had your coffee yet. Curious to see what she had to say?

Read on for the easy tips that will help you dress better every morning, and then shop our picks to help you pull it off!