4 New Ways College Girls Style Leggings in 2017

Welcome to our new college girl style series! We partnered with our sister site College Fashionista to share the trends and styling tricks their fashionable contributors are spotting on campuses. Up first: stylish legging outfit ideas.

The legging debate within fashion circles is a tale as old as time. Are they even pants? Even if you don’t think they are, can they still be worn outside the context of loungewear? The scrutiny these once-workout clothes face is unfair, considering how versatile and functional they can be, especially for college students looking for comfortable day-to-day outfits.

Leggings are evergreen clothing items; a light cotton pair works perfectly in the summer when jeans are just a tad too heavy, and a thick pair is excellent for layering in the colder months. Students at the University of Toronto are definitely feeling the February chill and making use of these functional pieces to keep cozy. These students are styling them with winter staples to create looks that might just make you reconsider how you wear these controversial yet everlasting pants.

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