How can I make a maxi dress look cool again?

Regardless of season or stature--the maxi dress is a perennial silhouette that isn't going anywhere. The challenge is: how to style it to make it feel fresh and new? Our advice is to move away from a traditionally obvious boho look and aim for a more gothic or Victorian feel. Our suggestions are as follows.

Styling Suggestion #1: Add a sharp blazer. Since a maxi dress is usually a pretty flowy piece, a tailored jacket will give your overall silhouette some nice structure and a pleasing smidge of irony. A classic black blazer is a surefire bet, but a white or print number would work as well.

Styling Suggestion #2: Invest in a heavy wedge boot or ankle boot. Since maxi dresses can easily look a bit Laurel Canyon, make sure to pick up a shoe that helps to goth-ify your look, like a heavy wedge boot or ankle boot. For example: we are infinitely obsessed with the idea of a black ankle boot and a soft floral dress. The juxtaposition is modern and unexpected.

Styling Suggestion #3: Go easy on the jewellery. Piles of oversized baubles are fine if you’re going for a Talitha Getty-in-Morocco look, but it also ensures your maxi will have a gypset feel. To keep things more of-the-moment, stick to a few dainty, personal necklaces (layering is fine) and skinny rings galore. Again, this is not the time for a super oversized earring. Try simple studs or bar earrings instead, and voila! Your favourite maxi dress just got a much-needed reboot!

Image courtesy of Stockholm Street Style