Tour the Epic Closet That Looks Exactly Like a Chanel Boutique

Walking into a Chanel boutique is, in a word, magical. And while every store is slightly different, the interior usually follows a similar layout: It's spacious and homey and oftentimes features mirror-covered walls and airy glass shelves that display the latest in the brand's handbags and shoes. Basically, it's interior design goals in a nutshell.

That's why we weren't the slightest bit surprised when we recently stumbled upon a $20 million mansion (currently listed by Senada Adzem with Douglas Elliman) on Town and Country that features a—wait for it—master closet inspired by a Chanel boutique. Pretty cool, no?

We must say, the closet in question is truly is a spot-on replica of the brand's magical boutiques. It's spacious and light, decorated with stylish furniture, a mirror wall, beautiful hanging light fixtures, and at the center of it all is a large Chanel perfume bottle. Who else is inspired to redecorate now? Read on for a look into this beautiful Chanel-inspired closet below.