Every Hollywood Stylist Dreads This

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You don't have to be a celebrity gracing the red carpet to cringe at the thought of a wardrobe malfunction. Whether it's a red wine splash on your new dress or a painfully uncomfortable pair of heels, these fashion nightmares can happen to anyone, anywhere—and unfortunately, even the most prepared pro stylists can't always stop them from happening.

Stylist Cristina Ehrlich, who has dressed Brie Larson, Allison Williams, and Anna Kendrick, tells InStyle of her biggest fashion mishap moment as she and one her clients were en route to the Oscars. "I had a client on the way to the Oscars, and she was running late—we had to get her out of the door. She was wearing a couture dress and the zipper broke!" says the stylist. "We were in the van, she was lying on her side, and we had to sew her into the dress en route to the Oscars. At the time, I had to be a stylist, a life coach, and a therapist." With award season in full swing, we're sure the fashion pros will have even more stories to come, and the zipper seems to be the culprit behind almost everyone's fashion disaster story, no?

Head over to InStyle to read about the behind-the-scenes fashion panic Hollywood's leading stylists endure, and keep scrolling to shop our red carpet–worthy picks.

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