What to Wear While Travelling, No Matter Your Age

We can all learn and lesson or two when packing for a holiday, but did you know it's just as important to consider what to wear in transit. Being uncomfortable while travelling can make your experience a miserable one if you don't get your outfit right—painful shoes are one of the worst offenders—and believe us when we say, what you wear can even ease tension on those long-haul flights.

To help you enjoy your next journey, we've curated a list of the fashion travel essentials every women (of any age) should shop and own. Since less is always more, we created an edit of just five key pieces to ensure you always travel in style.

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The Shoes

A comfortable and lightweight option no matter the distance between airport gates. 

If you're going to go with sneakers, they should be just as chic as they are cosy.

The Pants 

You shouldn't feel an ounce of shame wearing track pants that look this good.

The perfect travel companion if track pants just ain't your thing—the elastic waist is an added bonus.

The shirt

Because there are endless ways to style a white tee. 

Stylish sleeves nullify the need for an extra jacket to keep you warm on the flight. 

The bag 

The ultimate overnight bag and a timeless investment.

Just the right size to keep everything close at hand. 

The Sweater

Choosing a men's sweatshirt guarantees for the ultimate in slouchy comfort.

Is there anything better than affordable cashmere from Everlane? We think not.

Opening images: Collage Vintage

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