3 Holiday Party Dressing Dilemmas, Solved: See This Blogger's Take

The slew of holiday parties you’ll be attending this month is exciting, but at the same time, you’ll inevitably run into some dilemmas. Blogger Christine Andrew of Hello Fashion knows holiday party woes, whether it’s a run-in with bad weather or finding herself at a party for her son, B, where she won’t be able to wear her highest pair of heels. But by teaming up with Old Navy, Andrew was able to conquer her three biggest problems and is here now to share her tips with you. So, if you’re looking for savvy simple ways to conquer this season’s common problems, you’ve landed on the right page.

Keep scrolling to see how you can power through any holiday dilemma with Hello Fashion’s tips!


From snowy walks to rainy weekend afternoons, the weather can sometimes put a damper on your look. An easy solution? A pair of tights and a totally killer shade of deep plum lipstick. Not only will this amp up your overall look, but it’ll also complement the different shades in your ensemble. 


“A nice coat is always a perfect solution to complete your party look. As tempted as you might be to layer up when it’s cold outside, I always prefer a coat so I don’t feel like I have to undress layer by layer once I start to warm up indoors. Don’t be afraid to sidestep the traditional holiday colors, either. You can stick to classic neutrals and finish off the look with subtle accessories in festive colors, like a deep red or burgundy lip and coat.” — Christine Andrew

Between the holiday gifts and the holiday parties, this time of year can be a struggle for your purse strings. Have no fear—a scarf is a great way to update your look and keep your wallet happy. By the way, this whole look is under $130—talk about a good deal!


“Scarves are one of the best versatile pieces during the winter, especially during the holidays. You can pair a scarf with a dress or just add it to your casual daily ensemble. You can also wear your scarf as a poncho by wrapping it with a belt or wrapping it around your shoulders as a shawl.” — Christine Andrew

Don’t really feel like getting gingerbread crumbs on your lap, right? If you’re at a family function or have a tiny tot you’ll be chasing after, opt for a kid-friendlier look to make sure you’re stylish and comfortable. Whether you’re in a skirt or a pair of jeans, making sure you’ve covered your bases with your outfit is the key to a happy (and not-messy) time with the little ones.


“Whenever we attend holiday parties with a lot of other families and their kids attending, B is always running around a lot more, which equals lots of chasing!” — Christine Andrew

How do you get through holiday party dilemmas? Tell us in the comments below, and be sure to shop more seasonal looks and see the gift guide at Old Navy!