5 Holiday Gift Ideas to Add to Your List This Season

Whether you’re shopping for yourself or those closest to you, the holiday experience has a special kind of warmth to it—the scent of the cinnamon pretzels lingering through the wide walkways of the mall or the sound of holiday cheer as shoppers walk on by. The fun part, though? The act of shopping (but honestly, shopping is fun any time of year, right?).

Consider it done with Westfield’s ultimate gift finder—the shortcut to checking off all the VIPs on your list before time runs out!

For more gift ideas, keep scrolling to see present picks by personality.

Even though she probably has almost everything she wants, gift the stylish shopper with a few essential winter pieces.

Whether this person invests in a strong item once a year or simply enjoys the more luxurious things in life, there’s a pick for them.

Know someone who LOVES to buy mini versions of everything? Make sure these are on your list!

Opt for these when you’re shopping for the tech-lover with a knack for new and upcoming products in your life.

Have a friend who’s always on the run? These items will work with their active schedules.

Who’s the toughest to shop for on your list this year? Tell us in the comments below.