This 60-Year-Old Looks Amazing in H&M's New Swimsuit Campaign

As we scrolled through H&M's new swimsuit campaign, one woman in particular stood out to us (in the best possible way): Gillean McLeod, a 60-year-old stylist turned model who looks positively radiant in the images.

Dying to know more about her, we went straight to the source for the scoop. Proving that it's never too late to start a new path, McLeod told us that she's been a stylist for 24 years and began modeling only recently, in her 50s.

So how did she muster up the courage to do a swimsuit shoot? McLeod credits Pilates for giving her body confidence. "I have always been tall and slim, but due to shyness and poor body image as a young woman, I slouched," she told Who What Wear. "It's taken nine years of Pilates, swimming, and hiking to tone up and unravel those shoulders. Nothing is more aging than poor posture. It's something I have to work on every day."

In terms of her personal style, she credits one influential figure for shaping her fashion philosophy. "Confidence in my style came from my mother first," she told us. "She wore simple, elegant, beautiful clothing, and YSL was her favorite designer. She always said to never leave the house without lipstick."

Are you as inspired as we are? Scroll down to see Gillean McLeod's new H&M swimsuit shoot!

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