This Is the Freshest Color to Wear Right Now

When you think about a typical winter color palette, the most natural inclination is to opt for darker hues. However, something we're spotting more and more lately is daring to do just the opposite. From Hailey Baldwin to Rihanna, everyone is choosing to style winter whites.

Thanks to H&M Magazine, we just got a major lesson in how to style the fresh color. The Swedish retail giant, along with stylist Mikaela Hållén and model Nikita Wiorek, just showed us five new ways to style crisp whites for the season. You don't have to be afraid to go monochrome, wear creamy outerwear, or even triple-layer your white blouses (seriously). Trust us when we say you're going to feel like the coolest girl in any room when you try them out.

Scroll on to see and shop the best winter whites styling tricks!

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