This Video Shows Just How Wild the H&M Balmain Release Was

You might recall that when H&M finally released its highly anticipated Balmain collaboration last week, the entire collection sold out in just minutes. The fervor surrounding the line's online debut is something we discussed ad nauseam—but what about the in-store response?

As it turns out, shoppers were just as excited to shop for the collection in H&M's brick-and-mortar locations. We found a clip of the line's release at H&M's High Street location in London; and unsurprisingly, it depicts shoppers running to racks, wildly grabbing at any garment they can get, and generally acting like it's the zombie apocalypse and they're on the hunt for shelter. It's pretty intense.

Watch the clip above, then share your thoughts in the comments below! And head to H&M to shop its other current offerings, too.