The Bra Style Every Woman Owns


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For any type of bra, the perfect fit and size is key. Many women are wearing the wrong bra size without even knowing it, and that's also true for sports bras—the activewear essential you'll be sure to find in any woman's closet. But what are the key things to look for when shopping for one? Ahead, we're breaking it down.

The sports bra has actually only been around since 1975 when it was first introduced as the Free Swing Tennis Bra by Glamorise Foundations. Two years later, the first general sports bra (dubbed the Jockbra and later renamed Jogbra) arrived when Lisa Lindahl and Polly Smith created it to combat the bad experience of working out in a normal bra. Playtex took notice and purchased Jogbra in 1990, and the first iteration of today's sports bra was born. But in the brief history of the sports bra, there have never been more options than today.

For smaller cup sizes, look for traditional racerback styles for light support. The fit is also important. While you don’t want anything too tight, make sure it hugs the body tight to provide good support. As cup sizes move up, look for features like thicker straps and underwire that offer even more resistance when you need it for everything from yoga to high-impact sports. Want to see which sports bras made our cut?

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