Guess Who Is Now the Highest-Grossing Actress of All Time

According to Box Office Mojo's latest rankings, none other than Scarlett Johansson has officially become the highest-grossing female movie star of all time. Her movies have raked in an impressive $3.3 billion during her entire career. She lands on the overall list at #10, with Harrison Ford, Samuel L. Jackson, Morgan Freeman, and other male actors edging her out for the top spots. 

Johansson's largest paycheck came from The Avengers, but her other roles in Captain AmericaLost in Translation, Her, and The Jungle Book, to name a few, certainly helped as well. The next highest ranking women on the list include Cameron Diaz at #19, Helena Bonham Carter at #26, and Cate Blanchett at #29. 

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Opening Image: Getty Images