What Wearing Heels for a Week Straight Did to My Confidence

I moved to New York last summer, and after a couple of months, I came to the realization that I had only worn heels about two or three times. Though I don’t fancy myself a heels devotee (love sneakers and loafers to boot), this was well below my average percentile. Why the sudden drop? I’m guessing it was a combination of not understanding the commuter lifestyle and feeling intimidated by navigating the uneven city streets in stilettos (tiptoeing between cobblestones is not the best look).

Whatever the reason, I made a New Year’s resolution to slide into a pair of heels more frequently, and this goal commenced with a self-induced challenge to wear them every day for my first week back at work this month. Why? Simply put, I feel more polished and professional when I’m in a pair of heels. Though I’m not particularly short (5’5”), there’s something about the extra height that gives me a boost of confidence. (Societal norm? Perhaps. Anti-feminist? No way, José.) What would happen to my confidence if I wore them every day for a week? And so began the challenge. Scroll down for my riveting shoe log!

Ed. Note: I commuted in sneakers, and there were kitten and chunky block heels involved—no visits to the podiatrist required to conduct this experiment.