The 10 Packing Rules This Fashion Jetsetter Swears By

Travelling brings me my greatest joy—I get to meet new people, explore new places and discover new brands. I’m lucky enough to travel a lot for work, and being based in London means I’m always on the go. I need to keep a very tight packing list—it helps save time when I decide to take a last minute weekend trip or when I travel for work and need to be prepared for anything that pops up. The best way I tackle the dreaded packing task, is to make sure everything I pack serves a purpose. What are my packing rules? To ensure that these 10 items are always in my carry-on.

Keep scrolling for my non-negotiables i.e. the things you’ll always find on me when I’m travelling.

I’m technology obsessed and I am always working when I travel! My Apple gadgets help keep me organised and in touch with my family.

I take a million photos when I travel—as much as I want to soak up the moment, I also want to take my memories away with me. This Fuji Film Polaroid camera gives me instant satisfaction and I love the tiny size.

Stella McCartney jeans are the best fit for me. They’re comfortable and easy to dress up with a blazer and heels. I make sure these are the first thing I throw into my bag—a pair of jeans are so versatile.

Having a comfy blanket to wrap myself in makes travel time more bearable. Plus, it helps makes my hotel room feel more like home.

My favourite wardrobe staple. My leather jacket comes with me everywhere. It dresses up any outfit and ensures I have a warm option on hand for unpredictable weather or cool nights.

Take a little peek at my Instagram and you’ll see these need no introduction. The reason they make the suitcase-cut? I can wear them with everything from a lace dress and leather jacket to jeans and a tee. Are you sensing a common theme? Versatility is key.

Well obviously. You can’t not make room for pretty lingerie. Eberjey pieces reign supreme in terms of comfort and because they’re so pretty, I don’t mind when a little bit pokes out through a singlet or shirt.

After being introduced to the CR Formulations Berry Boost Serum, I haven’t been able to go back. It’s ultra-hydrating after a day in the sun and helps to keep skin moisturised during transit. (Plus, it combats fine lines—had better keep on top of that!)

I’d love to know what your packing essentials are! Let me know in the comments below.

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