Helena Bordon's Secret to Looking Amazing in Photos

As we've expressed before, we think that in the world of street style photography, there's one star who shines brightest among the crowd: Brazilian street style star and blogger Helena Bordon. While plenty of fashion folks keep only their straightest faces on for photos, Bordon is a notable departure: She always flashes her biggest smile.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Bordon recently, and we were champing at the bit to find out her secrets to always killing it for the lenses of street style photographers. She didn't hesitate to share her perspective on always looking so great in photos.

"I'm obsessed with statement-making accessories, fun clutches and shoes, and generally colorful outfits. Wearing something fun with colors, it's something that is relatively easy and looks good in pictures," Bordon told us. "If you're one of these people who likes to just wear black, I'd say just start slow. I feel like you have to take your time with colors; start wearing just a sweater or a T-shirt that is a little more colorful, or a pair of printed pants." 

She also shared another secret that we think communicates through her photos: She's genuinely enjoying herself.

"You're there at these events, and you're having fun. It's work, but it's fun, so it's like why be so serious all the time?" Bordon says. "I'm very a smiley person; everything I wear is kind of my personality, very bright. I'm really bad with the sexy faces! In pictures I'm always smiling and laughing."

Keep it up, Helena! We're feeling your vibes. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite looks from the Brazilian street style star, and shop some of our favorite colorful accessories too!