Heidi Klum's Ultimate Guide to Buying V-Day Lingerie

Valentine's Day is next week—do you have lingerie on the brain? We tapped the ultimate expert to get her tips on shopping for the occasion (even if you're just treating yourself!): supermodel Heidi Klum.

While it's easy to get caught up with different trends and brand names, Klum emphasizes what's really important when shopping for new pieces. "Wear whatever gives you confidence!" she told Who What Wear. "Sexy is a mindset. Your lingerie should enhance your beauty and make you feel great. That could be a plunging bra-and-panty set with sexy garter belts, or just a silk pajama set."

While Klum loves going all-out with her own Valentine's Day look—she told us she's partial to a suspender set with thigh-high stockings and heels—she also has some advice for the less adventurous. "If you aren't as daring, I suggest a sexy lace matching bra-and-panty set in a fiery red," she said.

Plus, she emphasized some practical advice that you might be overlooking: "Go get fitted!" she told us. "Most women don't know their correct bra size, so their lingerie doesn't fit properly. You'll feel better when you're wearing the right size, I promise!"

And if you happen to be shopping with someone in mind, Klum has pointers for you, too: "It's also fun to give your partner a surprise, something they wouldn't expect," she said. "If you usually only wear nude or black pieces, pick a pop of a color. It's an easy way to switch things up." Now that you've got a supermodel's expert advice, what are you waiting for? Get shopping.

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Opening Image: Splash News