The #1 Bra Style Every Woman Should Own, According to Heidi Klum

Is there anyone more qualified than Heidi Klum to ask for lingerie advice? The supermodel is a veritable expert, thanks to her decade-long tenure as a Victoria’s Secret Angel as well as her experience running her own Heidi Klum Intimates line (which just launched its amazing fall collection), so naturally we jumped at the chance to pick her brain about all things lingerie.

What did we learn from chatting with Klum? For starters, she revealed her ultimate go-to bra that every woman should own: “Definitely a lacy black triangle bra,” Klum told Who What Wear. “It’s sexy, and I like it when the lace shows through, even under a white T-shirt.”

She also offered her take on the great braless debate, telling us, “If you’re comfortable doing it, go for it. I’ve definitely gone braless when I have a strappy tank on or a low-cut top. For women who don’t want to wear a bra but need a little coverage, I just launched Heidi Klum Intimates Solutions, which features nipple covers and strapless and backless adhesive bras.” Could that be the perfect compromise? 

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