The New TV Show Every Fashion Girl Should Watch

If you haven't caught HBO's new '70s music industry-based series Vinyl yet, stop what you're doing and get caught up. The show has caught on so quickly that it's already been renewed for a second season, with only three episodes having aired so far. (Martin Scorsese directed the first!) One of the many reasons we're so enamored with the show is due to the jaw-droppingly fabulous '70s-era costumes, designed by John Dunn, who also served as the costume designer for Mad Men and Boardwalk Empire, two other achingly fashionable series. Luckily, Vinyl has filled the void that Mad Men left us with when our Sunday nights were without the eye candy that the '50s and '60s-era costumes provided. Much of the standout style is provided by the show's female leads, Olivia Wilde and Juno Temple. We had a chance to ask Dunn some of our most pressing questions about the sartorial side of Vinyl. Scroll down to read about everything from where he draws inspiration from to what Juno Temple's character's signature piece is, and to shop cool pieces inspired by the series. And be sure to catch Episode 4 on HBO tonight! This is destined to be one of the most stylish series that ever graced the airwaves.

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