This Is the One Area of Your Wardrobe You May Be Short On

You probably know the feeling of getting dressed in the morning, looking in the mirror, and having the nagging feeling that something's missing from your look. No piece of statement jewelry will do the trick, and even the classic game of "let's try on every shoe in my closet" doesn't crop up any viable options. You need a piece that's going to add just the right flourish to your look; one that's polished, subtle, but will provide the instant upgrade your look deserves. This is where building your hat collection comes in. Hats are too often shied away from, but they're one of the most immediate ways to piece a look together. They aren't just for cold weather either. Regardless of where you live or the current season, hats can round off your look throughout the year.

Keep reading to see five classic hat styles you should add to your wardrobe ASAP—they're more versatile than you think.

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