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Start saving now, because July 2016 is going to be an expensive month. Sara Donaldson, of Harper and Harley, and her long-time friend Georgia Martin have joined forces to launch a new online store—The UNDONE. In line with the aesthetic you’ve grown to love from Harper and Harley, The UNDONE will be the place to shop for fashion girls obsessed with minimalist style, luxury basics, and on trend hero pieces.

Ahead of its launch, we caught up with our fashion contributor Sara Donaldson, and Georgia Martin, to discover the inspiration behind the site, and what we can expect. Keep scrolling and add The UNDONE to your bookmarks bar—stat.


Emily Abay

Pictured: Sara Donaldson and Georgia Martin

Who What Wear Australia: How did The UNDONE come about?

Georgia Martin: Sara and I have been friends for over six years and worked together for the past two years. We both have a very similar aesthetic and found a gap in the market for a store in which we didn’t have to rely so heavily on the filters to find products we like and want to buy.

Sara Donaldson: I’ve also worked hard on directing Harper and Harley towards being a shopping centric blog, it’s all about where my readers can source products without them having to trawl though endless sites to find what I’m wearing. Knowing how long this process takes, and the abundance of choice there is out there, we came to realise there is a gap in the market for those that want to shop by colour, or in our case, lack thereof.


Emily Abay

WWW: Sara, will you still be updating Harper and Harley?

SD: Yes, Harper and Harley isn’t going anywhere. If anything it will be an even truer depiction of my style, as the pieces that will be featured in outfit posts are pieces we have selected for The UNDONE during the buying process.

WWW: How will Harper and Harley and The UNDONE work together? Or will they be totally separate?

SD + GM: Essentially they are completely separate, however what makes this business unique, is that we have a readymade audience of close to a million followers across the Harper and Harley network, so you’ll be seeing a lot of The UNDONE content throughout the Harper and Harley channels.


Emily Abay

WWW: Sara, what made you feel like it was time to launch something separate to Harper and Harley?

SD: Well, I have been blogging for over seven years now, and have seen how drastically the industry has changed during this time. I knew I wanted to venture into something new and really utilise the audience I had built, and this seemed like the most fitting step forward due to my experience and passion for e-commerce.

WWW: What did you both set out to achieve by launching The UNDONE?

SD + GM: We want The UNDONE to fill that gap in the market. It won’t be everything to everyone, but to those who love a minimal and curated aesthetic then it will really speak to them.


Emily Abay

WWW: What is your vision for the brand in 2016?

SD + GM: 2016 is a real launch phase for The UNDONE. We will be focusing on building a relationship with our customers and establishing the brand's community base. It’s about finding the right customers who really relate to the minimal aesthetic and being top of mind as a shopping destination for them.

WWW: How did you go from idea to conception? Has it been a huge learning experience?

SD + GM: We have been talking about doing something like this for a long time, but from when we really got serious about it to now has been quite quick. We both have very proactive personalities, so we just made it happen. We are also surrounded by a great team and have amazing support.


Emily Abay

WWW: What has been the best business advice you’ve ever received?

SD: ‘Build your own dreams, or someone else will hire you to build theirs’—I love that I’m surrounded by young women (and men) doing their own thing, taking risks and jumping in head first. It’s really inspiring. The freelancer industry is a booming one, and personally [I have found that] once you work for yourself, it’s impossible to think of doing anything else.

GM: ‘Never be the smartest person in the room’—If you walk into a room thinking you know more than anyone else, you’ll never be open to learn or evolve and essentially progress forward. It’s also important to know where your strengths and weaknesses lie, and seek out those who can help you to really round everything out and raise the standard of work you can produce.


Emily Abay

WWW: What brands can we expect to see on The UNDONE?

SD + GM: Lots of strong, iconic, premium Australian brands, but also some newcomers and amazing international brands. And a very curated selection from all.

WWW: Have you faced any hurdles along the way?

SD + GM: This is a brand new venture for us and there are countless things that arise each and every day that test us, but we just have to sit down and work it out. One of the biggest things about working for yourself is that you’re accountable for everything, so you have to just do it and make it work.

It’s also why working as a team is so nice; you can really bounce and rely on each other when things get tough or don’t go to plan (or even when they do).


The site will launch with Christopher Esber, Ellery, Dion Lee, Toni Maticevski, Kit X, Matin, Georgia Alice, Matteau Swim, Holly Ryan, Natasha Schweitzer, Charlie May, J Brand, Frame Denim, Rachel Comey, 3X1 Denim, Marysia Swim.

Are you excited for the launch of The UNDONE? Share in the comments below and then shop one of our favourite Australian labels while you wait.

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