All the It Girls Will Be Carrying This Bag on Vacation

Earlier this year Harley Viera-Newton released a dress collection, HVN, that looked like it was straight of the DJ’s closet—ladylike, printed, demure but not overly sweet. It girls and celebs alike were spotted wearing her pieces everywhere. Now Viera-Newton has taken to translating another signature of her style for a wider audience, and she’s teamed up with the icon Mark Cross to do so.

For her new debut, the It girl—who's essentially a staple of every cool fashion event—teamed with the storied accessories line to create a handbag that’s a hybrid of two of its designs. According to the brand, Viera-Newton was a huge fan of “the Grace Box and rattan styles since the beginning. She approached Mark Cross to co-design a rattan box bag and the rest is history!”

The results are two colorways of a summery rattan handheld style that's sure to find its way into every other It girl's hands. And since the fabric has some definite resort vibes, we wouldn't be surprised if you start spotting them right away during the December holiday.

Scroll down to check out the styles.