Study: Millennials Aren't Buying These Types of Handbags Anymore

Millennials have very different buying habits than other generations—especially when it comes to handbags. As Fashionista pointed out from a study by The NPD Group in partnership with Stylitics, millennials are less concerned about designer names when they're purchasing bags—and aren't buying as many designer handbags overall.

According to the study, three out of four women report that their top priorities are quality and style; actual brand names were less important. This explains why emerging labels are popular among this generation—and why we're seeing fewer designer logos on the arms of many millennials.

The study goes on to explain that millennials are actually purchasing fewer handbags overall compared to baby boomers because of the differences in shopping habits and the fact that millennials take a much longer time deciding on which styles they actually want.

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Opening Image: A Love is Blind