Hair Perfume: Not as Silly as it Sounds

We’ll stop just short of calling hair perfume a must-have, but it turns out Oribe’s new Cote d’Azur Hair Refresher ($22) is surprisingly practical. It was the brand’s signature scent that prompted the legendary hairstylist to develop the product. “There has been an overwhelmingly positive response to the fragrance in our products,” he says. “One of the most common requests that we’ve received for years is for a hair perfume.”

Instead of just bottling the scent--a mix of Italian bergamot, cassis, and jasmine notes topped off with cedar wood, white amber and musk for a seductive finish--Oribe made something useful. “We upped the ante and added the benefits of cutting static and absorbing odors to address other common concerns,” he says. A patented odor neutralizer absorbs smells, while cetrimonium chloride provides conditioning and antistatic properties. You’re left with a rich summery scent instead of BBQ or campfire smells, making those summer blowouts last at least one day longer.