L.A. Girls Will Totally Get This Cool Hailey Baldwin Outfit

If you've ever been to Los Angeles, you probably know what we mean when we say Hailey Baldwin is pretty much the current poster child for the local It-girl look. Her outfits are cool and laid back but always contain something that gives them an edge.

Given that the weather in Los Angeles has been more summery than March-like as of late (not to rub it in, East Coast), it's perfectly acceptable that Baldwin would choose to wear a white minidress to run errands this week. But instead of going for a full-blown summer look, she used a styling trick that L.A. girls often turn to when it's still technically winter (or fall), yet the climate feels more like July. She didn't wear sandals, or even sneakers, with her summery dress. She instead chose to pair it with chunky combat boots, a shoe trend that more and more celebrities have been trying lately. By wearing a shoe style that we'd more associate more with winter, Baldwin instantly made her look March-appropriate (the L.A. version of March, at least).

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