Hailey Baldwin Found the Perfect White T-Shirt at Forever 21

When your name is Hailey Baldwin and the fashion world is at your fingertips, you can wear pretty much any white T-shirt you want, regardless of price tag. And while at first glance the subject of white T-shirts can seem a little mundane, every fashion girl knows that it's one of the most important staples in our wardrobes. You can wear it with anything and everything year-round. But the perfect white tee can be hard to find, especially if you prefer to stay under the $20 mark. But back to Hailey Baldwin…

Baldwin has proven time and again that she can really step it up for a night out, but as far as off-duty style goes, hers is decidedly chill. Her latest look for running errands around Los Angeles included the aforementioned white T-shirt, which is boxy and slightly cropped (just how we like our tees), and it's from Forever 21. The perfection of Baldwin's tee inspired us to head over to Forever 21 to do a little white-tee shopping of our own, and we found a slew of excellent options—all of which are under $11 (seriously).

Read on to see Hailey Baldwin's chic off-duty look and shop our favorite Forever 21 white T-shirts.