Why Gwen Stefani Hates Fashion Rules

Gwen Stefani has been a design powerhouse since launching L.A.M.B. way back in 2003 (and has been a style icon even longer). Her latest endeavor? Launching a line of sunglasses and optical eyewear for both her L.A.M.B. and GX by Gwen Stefani brands, which are now available at specialty optical boutiques.

Of course, the chic glasses are reflective of Stefani's signature style. "I designed the glasses using myself as the model," she told Who What Wear of the new collections. "I would fix them to make everything perfect—little details like a grommet on the side or where the logo goes. It's a lot of options and a lot of work."

In addition to the new glasses, we chatted with Stefani about her style evolution and what's next in her career. Scroll down to read our full exclusive interview with Gwen Stefani!

Who What Wear: What was the design process like for the glasses?
Gwen Stefani: "It's something I've wanted to do forever. I had a full collection of amazing glasses from over the years that I've collected, so I brought those out. This design team is expert. [The process] was so much fun—they brought over so many pairs. I literally had bruises on my nose from trying on so many glasses. With all the materials and patterns, I could literally spend weeks designing.

Generally, I wanted to do a collection that represents my style. Glasses are one of my favorite accessories because they say so much about your personality. I like hip-hop influences and I love retro sunglasses. It's all in there, and there are two different collections. L.A.M.B. is chic designer, more high-end [styles], and with GX, it's more colorful and fun. With L.A.M.B. I'm able to use a little more expensive materials. I designed the glasses using myself as the model. I would fix them to make everything perfect—little details like a grommet on the side or where the logo goes. It's a lot of options and a lot of work.

WWW: What's your best style tip for people who are clueless about accessories?
GS: I'm not good at style tips. I hate rules and trends. I hate giving advice. I don't get that. Whatever makes you feel good! 

WWW: How do you think your style has evolved from, say, 10 years ago?
GS: I still like a lot of the same things. I'm still a fan of Comme des Garçons. The biggest change [is that] before Kingston was born, I was in the middle of the Love. Angel. Music. Baby. album—that was an amazing style period. Incredible photographers, and we made a lot of clothes and costumes. I feel like this record is not a thematic record like that one was. This is a lot more emotional record. More about emotion and truth and honesty. That's where am at: I'm at an emotional place right now.

WWW: What other projects are you dying to take on for L.A.M.B.?
GS: It would be an honor and blessing [to keep designing]. I hope the eyewear does well enough. I love walking into my office and having 350 pairs of glasses to try on. It's such an amazing accomplishment to be doing [L.A.M.B.] still, since 2003. That's serious love!

What do you think about Gwen Stefani's comments about fashion rules? Tell us in the comments below, and locate specialty shops in your area to buy the new glasses!

Opening image: Getty Images