How to Style the Puffiest of Puffer Coats

On their own, puffer jackets aren't typically considered the most stylish thing. Their puffiness is for practicality purposes, as they're often filled with down or a similar stuffing to insulate heat and help keep the wearer warm. However, if you find yourself needing one this season, don't worry, because Gwen Stefani just found a great way to style them. We spotted her wearing an oversize puffer coat earlier today and decided to break down the details of her perfectly stylish winter look to determine how she made it work.

First, to balance out the large silhouette on top, she made sure to stick to skinny jeans and heels to create a long, lean leg. The genius here, though, lies in a much subtler trick. She tied a plaid shirt around her waist that did double duty to highlight her figure. Not only did the tied sleeves act as a sort of makeshift belt, but the shirt peeking out in the back also added a longer layer to help lengthen her frame. Simply re-create the look with any skinny jeans, heels, and plaid shirt of your own!

Scroll on to see the look for yourself and shop our favorite puffer jackets of the moment.

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