Mary-Kate Olsen

If "style savant" was an actual phrase in the dictionary, we have a feeling there would be a picture of Mary-Kate Olsen next to it. And with good reason: you can trace countless trends back to this fashion dynamo, as she continually creates wholly original and enviably unique ensembles on a daily basis. In addition to influencing the way the world dresses with her noteworthy, often-emulated outfits, Olsen is also controlling the pieces everyone buys, thanks to the fashion empire she co-founded with sister Ashley, which reaches consumers at every level, from luxury (The Row), contemporary womenswear (Elizabeth and James), casual lifestyle (Textile Elizabeth and James), juniors (Olsenboye, which retails exclusively at J. C. Penney), and online-only commerce (StyleMint). While Olsen is always relevant, right now is a particularly exciting time in her career--she was a CFDA Swarovski Award for Emerging Talent nominee, just launched StyleMint, and The Row's first handbag collection debuts this fall--hence today's Guest Editor story. Considering her extremely intense schedule, we were delighted that the mini mogul took the time to tell us about her obsessions du jour, selections that are just as super-chic as she is!

The Row Day Luxe Bag ($5,400, 212.826.8900) in Black
Hitting stores--including Barneys--at the end of July, The Row handbags are sure to become the most coveted accessories in the world. (No offense, Hermes.) Though they are decidedly pricey, each bag is the picture of understated chicness, as Olsen herself attests.

Gravati Two-Tone Oxfords ($424) in Black/White
Of all the amazing footwear options on the market right now, the shoes that caught Olsen's eye are these beautiful two-tone oxfords. The black-and-white palette is perpetually in fashion and we also appreciate their foot-friendly silhouette.

Wendy Brigode Faceted Hematite With South Sea Pearls and Diamond Pave Ball Necklace
($1,250, 949.759.1900)

Elizabeth and James jewelry is often focused on some of nature's unsung critters--beetles and crabs have been recent motifs--so it's not really surprising that Olsen goes for organic baubles in her personal life. Case in point: this stunning black pearl necklace from Wendy Brigode, which will be available at the Neiman Marcus store in Newport Beach this August.

Tom Ford Beauty Black Orchid Eau de Parfum Spray ($95)
Tom Ford is known for his vision and singular taste, much like Olsen herself, so we were delighted to learn that our Guest Editor is a fan of one of his perfumes. The fragrance's sandalwood and patchouli notes hint at Olsen's bohemian side, while the sleek packaging is pure glamour.

Elizabeth and James Lafayette Sunglasses ($155)
Olsen is rarely seen in public without an interesting pair of sunglasses, but of all the shades out there, right now she adores these modern cat-eye frames. Universally flattering and unquestionably cool, we think her pick is a must-buy!

StyleMint Prince T-Shirt ($29.99)
If you haven't visited StyleMint--Olsen's latest venture, brought to you by the visionaries behind Kate Bosworth's JewelMint--you must do so immediately. Each month you can purchase one of four different t-shirt styles--most of which are available in multiple colors--created by Mary-Kate and Ashley for only $29.99. At that very reasonable price, we're planning on buying a shirt (or several!) every month!

Chanel Pre-Fall 11, Look 67
While Olsen admires many designers--including Jean Paul Gaultier, due to his "sense of humor and playfulness"--our Guest Editor selected a Chanel look as her RTW favorite. The ensemble is from the Pre-Fall 11 collection and is comprised of a black muslin blouse, figured lace coat, washed black jeans, and a headband (all available at select Chanel boutiques, 800.550.0005). It's the epitome of craftsmanship, something Olsen certainly admires, as you can tell from looking at her own work for The Row.

Pressed Juicery Juice ($6.50, 310.477.7171) in Apple Lemon Extra Ginger
Once upon a time ago, you might have spotted Olsen carrying a Starbucks cup, but these days she's just as likely to have something healthier in hand, like a juice from Pressed Juicery! The 100% raw and unpasteurized juices are a Los Angeles phenomenon, and are also available as part of a detox/cleansing package, so be sure to check them out today!

By Terry Rose Balm ($60)
Generally speaking, Olsen is not really one to wear heavy makeup, which is why her go-to beauty selection makes so much sense. Rather than a dramatic lipstick or an opaque foundation, she picked By Terry's super silky lip balm. In addition to nourishing your lips (or even your cuticles, you can use it wherever!), it also protects them, thanks to its SPF 15 formula.

Cire Trudon Candles ($1-$5 each)
While some girls go ga-ga for a bouquet of peonies (er, like us), Olsen prefers to indulge in something that lasts a little longer: Cire Trudon candles. These slim wax stems are a colorful, luxurious alternative to quick-to-perish posies and that a touch of whimsy we always associate with Olsen.