These Jeans Will Get You Out of the Door Faster

From this March, you’ll be able to cut minutes off your morning routine. Guess has created a new line of denim with moisturising properties. Yes, you read correctly. As reported by SMH Life & Style, the collection, titled Guess Jeancare, promises to “soothe, hydrate, and nourish” your legs. The material is infused with vitamin E, ginkgo extract, lavender, and chamomile, stored in microcapsules inside the jeans—so as you move, the capsules burst and moisturise you. And it doesn’t end there, the range will also include a dress, skirt, and top.

We have no idea how these will actually feel on the body, but we’re so excited to give it them a try—anything that can shave minutes off our morning routine is a win in our eyes. Keep scrolling to see a snippet of the collection and then shop some of our favourite (regular) jeans.

Guess JeanCare



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Opening image: A Love Is Blind

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