Would You Try These High-Tech New Jeans?

High-tech denim: Guess has taken basic skinny jeans to the next level by incorporating unique technology. As Glamour reported, the brand has woven moisturizing elements, including vitamin E, lavender, and chamomile, into the denim. The goal: to leave your skin silky-smooth and more moisturized than when you put your jeans on in the morning. So, with a couple more months of dryness-inducing weather upon us, it begs the question: Would you try these jeans? Visit Guess to see and shop all of the high-tech new pieces. [Glamour]

Who supports the luxury industry? The answer might not be what you think. Business of Fashion published an in-depth piece on the state of the luxury industry and revealed that demand is mostly driven by upwardly mobile "new money," rather than "old money," and the newly rich consumers fueling sales are largely from Greater China. Head over to BoF to learn more about the fascinating findings. [Business of Fashion]

Fashion at home: MyDomaine got a sneak peek inside the home of Australian fashion blogger Amanda Shadforth of Oracle Fox, and the photos are truly stunning. From geometric mirrors to all-white rooms, the house is chock-full of décor inspiration. [MyDomaine]

Gigi Hadid beauty: The model clearly has a killer personal style, but her beauty expertise deserves just as much attention. Byrdie rounded up some of her best off-duty looks, from laid-back topknots to sleek ponytails. Excuse us while we copy all of them pronto. [Byrdie]

Opening Image: Style du Monde