You Have to See the Casting Videos for Gucci's New Campaign

If you follow Gucci on Instagram, then you may have noticed a stream of model casting videos flood the Italian brand's page this week. The short clips were shot in London and featured a handful of men and women auditioning to be in Gucci's Pre-Fall 17 campaign. In the videos, all models are asked the same silly questions to ease the awkwardness that comes with being judged to star in a major fashion campaign.

"What's your spirit animal?" asks the casting agent behind the camera. Each model is caught off guard but comes up with their personal—and quite thoughtful—explanation, from a dolphin to a bumblebee. All this is followed by a dance audition in which the men and women are asked to bust a move. In other words, expect to see at least a little bit of two-stepping and fancy footwork in the label's new project.

And while good looks and good coordination might be ideal for the next faces of Gucci, as we made our way through each Instagram video, we most appreciated how the brand continues to celebrate diversity by including a lineup that's entirely models of color. While we'll keep our eyes peeled for the final campaign, we're already feeling inspired by a brand that's setting a great example through representing all people.

Check out some of our favorite casting videos from the series below.

Which model could you see starring in the upcoming Gucci ads? Tell us in the comments.

Opening Image: Imaxtree