Why This Gucci It Girl Only Appears Behind the Camera in Its New Film

Fridays can be hard to power through. So if you’re already contemplating another cup of coffee or daydreaming at your desk, allow Gucci to revitalize you. The brand, which just debuted its latest collection in Milan, recruited one its favorite artists and It girls, Petra Collins, to tell a story about its whimsical and perfectly over-the-top sunglasses. And results are magical.

Collins not only evoked her own childhood in the short fashion film by setting it in Hungary, she also enlisted her own family members (little cousins and grandmother, as per her Instagram, below) to create a fantasy experience on screen. All prompted by Gucci’s wares, of course.

In short, upon slipping into their grandmother’s oversize pink bedazzled frames, the two children in the film escape into a world of magic, glam rock, and, well, lots of great Gucci clothing. Like Narnia or Wonderland, the setting seems like a figment of the children's imagination, all fueled by a game of dress up. 

Take a Friday afternoon break and scroll down to watch the complete #GucciDreamscape film.



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