These 2 Fashion Brands Are the Biggest on Social Media Right Now

In the last couple of years that Alessandro Michele has been at the helm of Gucci, the world has seen major changes from the brand. Anyone can spot them when they look at a runway show filled with quirky, cool, nostalgic-meets-modern designs. But the brand has got the numbers to back up its shift, as well. Yes, sales, but also, as we spotted today, the Italian label has climbed to the number one spot on Digital IQ Index’s annual fashion report.

With this news, Gucci has claimed the highest ranking for digital performance, including e-commerce and social media, by a luxury fashion brand in U.S. As of last year, the same honor was awarded to Burberry, who slid slightly to number two for 2016. However, as Fashionista reports, such a shift is not quite as huge as it seems: Gucci’s Digital IQ was recorded as a 145, with Burberry at 144.

Each of these industry heavy hitters is making its contribution to change the fashion and digital landscape through see-now, buy-now models; influencer partnerships; and simple attention paid to what the current fashion lover is obsessed with. And considering Burberry's 8 million and Gucci's 11 million audiences on Instagram, chances are you're already following both.

See more of the Digital IQ rankings on the org's site, and scroll down to shop some Gucci favorites.

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