This Turkish Brand Makes Cool Wooden Bags We Need ASAP


Merve Burma founded Grav Grav, a Turkish-based handbag line, back in 2011 as a sustainable, "slow-fashion" label that uses natural materials—oak, walnut, and beech wood—to create one-of-kind backpacks, clutches, and over-the-shoulder purses that can best be described as stunning, wearable pieces of art.

Currently available on Grav Grav's site are five different handbag ranges, with each collection (and its accompanying name) alluding back to natural materials from which they are made. The Backyard line is crafted out of wood and ceramic, while the Cocoon collection features five different styles made out of dark walnut wood (think a circle shoulder bag or a wood backpack that doubles as a crossbody.)  

The bags range between $190 and $880, depending on materials used. And while this may seem like a steep price tag, remember one thing: Slow-fashion is all about high-quality, well-made products, which doesn't always come cheap.

Scroll down for a peek at Grav Grav's Instagram, and shop some of our favorite handbags currently available.


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