There’s One Woman Behind This Season’s Trends: Grandma

You already credit grandma for your killer meatball recipe and long eyelashes, but these days, there's another reason she deserves a big thank-you. Watching the streets of fashion week, we experienced flashbacks to black-and-white photos of our grandmothers wearing the same looks all those decades ago.

Low heels, stylish suits, and, yes, even crochet are slowly creeping back into fashion. (Take a peek at Gucci's latest ads, and you'll see what we mean.) While in the past, we wrote the looks off as stuffy or dowdy, pairing these items with relaxed pieces like jeans and sneakers helps give the vintage-inspired pieces a modern look. So shout-out to the nonnas, omas, and grammys who came before us: Fashion wouldn't be the same without them.

Check out the street style looks inspired by the women of yesteryear, and shop our favorite modern spins!